Global Research Standard Chartered

Global Research


  • initially a site redesign project, but the scope expanded as more issues where uncovered.
  • economic research website targeting sophisticated investors and high-net worth clients.
  • access to data is only by invitation only.
  • website operates also as a publishing platform and has an email application attached to target appropriate clients when content is 'made live'.
  • poor perception of the website strengths with the organisation.
  • complex registration processing.
  • poor search engine, confusing user journeys.


  • Global discovery phase
  • analysis of competitor websites and their user journeys.
  • analytics of site usage, response of promoted content and identifying common themes.
  • conducted user interviews with selected clients, identifying common tasks, attitudes, opinions, likes/dislikes, frustrations and ideas for improvements.
  • staff interview with selected traders, economists and business support team to identify common themes and issues.
  • meeting with and offshore technical teams to discuss transfer of database 'inhouse' from UK agency with poor SLA.
  • Design phase
  • creating of user personas.
  • card sorting and paper prototyping testing interviews with available traders and economists.
  • paper prototype presented to senior stakeholders.
  • database movement from agency to internal application completed first then new site design implemented.


  • multiple visual design/layout enhancements that allowed complex forms to be presented in a far more ordered and easy to use manner.
  • improved search engine taxomony.
  • faster page loading times.
  • improved perception internally of the value of the site's content via marketing campaigns and regular 'lunch and learn' meetings.
  • swift user registration processing.


  • global discovery document.
  • UX specification documents comprising of finished visual designs, detailed annotations, interaction flows, system flows, application style guide.
  • user testing documentation, including moderator's guide and testing report with recommendations.
  • security permissions specification documentation.